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Occupancy : Its importance and its daily impact

What is Occupancy?

The affluence, from the Latin affluentia ("abundance"), defines the arrival or presence of many people in one place, thereby creating a crowd. Avoiding flows in crowded places, over-abundant places is the daily issue of millions of people. It is in this perspective that everyone would like to know the influx of a location before going there in order to optimise its time . This action of flowing, literally as well as figuratively, is indeed often the cause of stress from which results a greater sensitivity and and increased irritation...

There are many factors that influence the number of people visiting the same place. However, some are more easily identifiable than others:

  • The calendar: the attendance of a weekday does not correspond to that of a weekend day. The same is true for a holiday day compared to a working day.
  • Schedules: the number of visitors is not the same at off-peak and peak times. There are generally peaks in attendance at certain times of the day in each type of venue.
  • Weather conditions : rainy days are more likely to be spent indoors: in museums, swimming pools or libraries. While sunny days increase the number of visitors to amusement parks, beaches, natural sites, etc.
la file d'attente de la Bpi
French National Information Library (BPI) Queue (source : surlepontdesarts.blogspot.fr)

Affluences: the solution to the problem!

Affluences  is a solution that specialises in measuring, forecasting, communicating and managing attendance in real time: waiting times and space occupancy rates.

It offers measurement sensors as well as an ergonomic platform for using the associated data. Thanks to a predictive analysis algorithm, attendance forecasts are provided to enable establishments receiving the public to better manage their flows and thus anticipate possible peaks in attendance during the day. It also offers an online reservation service that completes the range of services for managing attendance.

This information is communicated on the Affluences mobile application, which has more than one million users, but also on the website, which generates 350K visits per month! The establishment also has the possibility of communicating this data on its own media thanks to Affluences' web API. Reassured, the visitor can therefore organise his schedule and his visit in one click by favouring off-peak hours rather than peak hours.

Where to use Affluences?

The historical sector of Affluences is the library sector and it is through this that a good number of students know the application. But today, Affluences offers its solutions to more and more sectors that we all frequent on a daily basis:

  • The libraries: SCD, university libraries (public or private), municipal media libraries
  • Tourist and cultural sites: museums, monuments, historical sites
  • Sports facilities: swimming pools, stadiums, sports halls, parks, beaches
  • Public administrations: counters, citizen relations, administrative procedures
  • Transport: metro, bus, tram and station networks
  • The companies: coworking spaces, SMEs and SMIs
  • Retail: shops, department stores, shopping centres, halls and markets
  • Leisure time: amusement parks, nature parks, zoos, aquariums

Can't find your venue on the Affluences application? Help us to offer it our solution by making a suggestion directly on the mobile application!